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UAE's Fujairah bans crew change for vessels from India in past 14 days

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UAE's Fujairah bans crew change for vessels from India in past 14 days

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India is home to many crew for Fujairah

About 13,100 vessels called at Fujairah in 2020

Emirates Airline has also suspended flights from India

The Port of Fujairah has banned crew changes locally if a vessel has come from Indian ports within the past 14 days, as the coronavirus pandemic has overwhelmed India.

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The suspension also applies to the Fujairah offshore anchorage, according to an April 29 notice from Mayed Alameeri, who took over as harbor master on April 18.

The announcement came days after the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore made a similar move, saying in a circular on April 22 that crew with travel history to India within the 14 days preceding their arrival would not be allowed in the Port of Singapore.

"India generally supplies a large percentage of licensed officers on ships to Fujairah, but most of the other crew comes from the Philippines," said Apurva Mali, founder of bunker supplier Masc Co. DMCC in Dubai.

About 13,100 vessels called on Fujairah last year, according to the port.

The pandemic has spread across large cities and states in India, with infections rising in metro cities including New Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata.

The UAE's Emirates Airline suspended flights from India into the UAE effective April 24.