Platts Natural Gas Market Models

Tracking natural gas flows, production and demand generates large amounts data. Platts Natural Gas Market Models provide both aggregated and meter-level data in an easy-to-use format.


  • Make confident business decisions knowing you have access to the same data used by S&P Global Platts analysts when compiling their regional reports
  • Facilitate your internal analysis with grouped natural gas data so that you're analyzing only the data that matters
  • Save the time-consuming effort of compiling this data from multiple locations
Access to S&P Global Platts analysts that have expertise in working on the Platts Market Models


  • Data aggregated in a number of ways to facilitate easier digestion and analysis
    • Five regional demand market models aggregating the use of gas by state and by category (local distributor, power plant, industrial, etc.)
    • Four regional demand market models aggregating regional production by basin and source (gathering system, processing plant, etc.)
    • Five regional demand market models that focus on individual pipeline flow balances, and one that covers Canadian imports/exports and LNG sendout.
  • Daily data representing natural gas flows throughout the U.S.
  • Organized to be quickly accessed by pipeline, state or producing region, and allows for a comprehensive view by designated time period

Platts Natural Gas Market Models includes:

    • Pipeline Flows (Northeast, Southeast, Gulf, Midcon, West)
    • Region Flow Summary (Northeast, Southeast, Gulf, Midcon, West)
    • Demand (Northeast, Southeast, Gulf, Midcon, West)
    • Supply (Northeast, Southeast/Gulf, Midcon, West)
    • Import/Exports (All Regions)
    • No Notice Pipeline Flows (All regions)
    • US LNG Import/Export Model
    • Platts Natural Gas Market Recap