Biofuels Packages

Platts Biofuels Packages bring transparency to the global biofuels markets through a unique mix of fundamentals, news and prices reports, powered by S&P Global Platts robust methodology and tailored to your specific needs.


  • Stay on top of the latest trends
  • Identify new business opportunities
  • Get a regular snapshot of market activity to make timely and opportune decisions
  • Benchmark, track and visualize supply and demand data to identify data patterns and forecast future trends with ease
  • Add some weight to your trading decisions


  • Daily news, price and analysis reports: coverage of the latest price assessments, news, market commentary and analysis for the ethanol, biodiesel, RIN, DDG and ETBE markets in Europe, Asia and the Americas
  • Weekly prices and analysis reports: summary of the latest biodiesel and ethanol market activities - divided regionally, analysts look at the developments in the spot market with a focus on any fundamental events that have taken place
  • Monthly analysis reports: coverage of key issues and events that have driven biofuels prices over the last month with a look forward to the month ahead, including an in-depth look at selected events with a special focus on what lies ahead
  • Access to Platts Agriculture Analyzer: customizable interface to view, graph and download the prices and estimates contained in the reports and check the latest updates on mandates and production capacity

Platts Biofuels Package

Platts Biofuels Package is comprised of the full suite of our biofuels reports and services to give you a complete picture of market activity. The Biofuels Pricing, Biofuels Fundamentals and Biofuels Light packages incorporate varying components of the Biofuels Package depending on whether you are more focused on pricing, supply and demand data or weekly analysis. To see which reports make up these packages please click on the Coverage tab at the top of the page. The Biofuels Package includes:

Daily news and prices:

Weekly prices and analysis:

  • Weekly Global Ethanol Report (sample)
  • Weekly Global Biodiesel Report (sample)

Monthly Analysis and Supply and Demand Updates:

  • Monthly Biofuels Editorial (sample)
  • Monthly Biofuels Presentation (sample)
  • Monthly Fuel Ethanol Supply & Demand Update*
  • Monthly Biodiesel Supply & Demand Update*

Access to Platts Agriculture Trend Analyzer (more information)

View, graphs and download a wealth of ethanol and biodiesel supply and demand data as well as other crucial pricing information including:

  • Supply & Demand – production, consumption, import and export data (from 2007)
  • Platts weekly spot prices (from 2005)
  • Futures prices
  • Production capacity (from 2008)
  • Regular updates on mandates
  • Chartable exchange rates

Access to the analysts - discuss market factors and predictions as well as assistance with client presentations or special projects (as reasonably required)


Report /Service Platts
Daily Biofuels News Summary (sample) x x x x
Daily Biofuelscan Report (sample) (trial) x x
Weekly Global Ethanol Report x x x x
Weekly Global Biodiesel Report x x x x
Monthly Biofuels Editorial x x x x
Monthly Biofuels Presentation x
Monthly Fuel Ethanol Supply & Demand Update x x
Monthly Biodiesel Supply & Demand Update x x
Access to Platts Agriculture Trend Analyzer x x
Access to the analysts x

Platts Biofuels packages are available for a minimum of 5 users. Do you already know which package is right for you or do you need a little more information before making your decision? Please fill in the form and your Account Manager will be in touch with you soon.