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The Price of Sunflower Oil

  • What is the Platts Sunflower Oil FOB Black Sea Ukraine?
  • How do we assess Platts Sunflower Oil FOB Black Sea Ukraine?
  • Why is this price important?

What is the Platts Sunflower Oil FOB Black Sea Ukraine?

On December 10, 2018, S&P Global Platts launched a daily spot physical assessment for Sunflower Oil FOB Black Sea Ukraine. The decision was in line with interest in a transparent and clearly defined export price in the region.

It is a daily price assessment in USD per metric ton reflecting the traded or tradeable value for cargoes of 3,000 mt +/-10% operational tolerance, basis FOB Chornomorsk port.

How do we assess Platts Sunflower Oil FOB Black Sea Ukraine?

Platts assessments are based on robust and transparent market data that includes, but is not limited to, firm bids and offers, expressions of interest to trade and confirmed trades reported across the trading day.

The assessment reflects loading one to two calendar months forward from the month of the assessment, rolling on the 16th of the current month unless that day is not a business day, in which case the assessment rolls on the next business day. For example from November 16th - December 15th Platts assesses loading in January, from December 16th - January 15th Platts assesses loading over February.

Why is this price important?

Sunflower oil represents about 12% of vegetable oils trading volumes, and despite being impacted by similar market trends, the correlation with the other vegetable oils is not sufficient to effectively use the existing price risk management tools for hedging exposure to sunflower oil. As a result, Platts FOB Black Sea Ukraine sunflower oil price assessment and CME Group FOB Ukraine sunflower oil futures can cope with these challenges and close the gaps in mitigating risk in this market.

The Black Sea region covers 80% of the global exports of sunflower oil, with Ukraine accounting for over 55%. The strong correlation between Russian and Ukrainian sunflower oil prices allows Platts sunflower oil FOB Black Sea Ukraine to reflect the price dynamics in the global sunflower oil market and be an efficient tool to manage risks.

In this volatile market, a robust and transparent physical price representing the specific dynamics of regional markets and which leads to physical indexation and financially settled derivative instruments is a powerful tool which helps customers and other market participants:

  • — Manage and hedge price risks
  • — Leverage arbitrage opportunities
  • — Carry out negotiations more profitably and efficiently
  • — Make better-informed planning and trading decisions

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