Platts on the Net

The Platts on the Net platform is completely customizable, allowing our real-time services plus popular exchange data to stream to your desktop. Powered by Eze Software Group's RealTick EMS, Platts on the Net provides traders and other industry professionals with access to global news, data and analytics to stay on top of market trends.

Key Features

Flexible set up - Easy-to-organize features make the most of your time and screen space.

News - Display real-time scrolling news from Platts. Search and filter news up to 90 days back using key words and available topic codes.

Charts - Chart any available symbol and apply a number of different display characteristics and industry-standard or custom studies, including regular trend lines, best fit lines and Fibonaccis.

Assessments - Access prices and market commentary available as soon as the content is published.

Conditions/Color Rules - Evaluate relationships between studies, prices and conditions.

Tickers - Display real-time price and volume information.

For more information about the options available for receiving a Platts real-time service over this delivery platform, please contact us today.