Paul Browning

Former Manager of International Crude Trading; VP & Director of ExxonMobil Sales and Supply

Paul Browning was employed by Exxon/ExxonMobil for 43 years, working primarily in the international supply, transportation, refining optimization, and crude oil trading segments of the business. There he developed expertise in the global crude oil markets, international marine transportation, refinery crude slate optimization, global supply/demand fundamentals, and energy policy issues. Paul's last position with ExxonMobil was as Manager of International Crude Trading, and Vice President/Director of ExxonMobil Sales and Supply, LLC.

Prior to that, he held management positions in a variety of areas within Exxon. On the commercial side, he was initially a crude and product trader but moved on to manage a market analysis group, then the North Sea crude trading operation, and ultimately, all international crude trading for Exxon and then ExxonMobil. In the transportation area, Paul managed Exxon International's vessel scheduling operations and then the vessel chartering activity which included chartering for Exxon's own needs, out-chartering surplus tonnage, and also selling surplus vessels during a time of significant reduction in Exxon’s fleet.

Paul's knowledge of the refining side of the business was acquired initially as a contact engineer at the Bayway Refinery in New Jersey, moving on to the short-range economics group, and working as the crude and asphalt coordinator. After moving to company headquarters, he later managed Exxon's European refining optimization efforts for 10 refineries, responsible for developing operating targets, optimum crude slates, product supply sales and inventory management strategies.

Paul's experience in strategic planning included assignments in the energy policy area in the Corporate Planning Department in the 1970's during a period of great unrest in the oil markets brought on by the Arab Oil Embargo.

A graduate of West Virginia University, with a chemical engineering degree, Paul has worked primarily in the New York/New Jersey area and then in Northern Virginia.