Clare Spottiswoode, CBE

Former United Kingdom Gas Regulator

Clare is non-executive director of a number of companies. These include Energy Solutions (specializing in Nuclear Waste) where she is also Chairman of their European Business and of Magnox, the UK business which operates 2 nuclear generating sites and is decommissioning a further 8 sites), Gas Strategies (Chairman), G4S, a FTSE100 company. She has recently come off the Tullow Oil and British energy board (where she was Deputy Chairman). Clare has been one of the five members of the Independent Commission on Banking, set up by the Chancellor of the Exchequer to advise the Government on what measures to introduce to protect against future crises. This was reported in September 2011 and should impact not only the UK's response to the financial sector, but potentially have an influence actions globally.

Clare is best known for her work as the UK's Gas Regulator between 1993 and 1998. She spear-headed the world's first introduction of choice and competition all the way down to the domestic level in the gas industry, and this experience is now enabling other countries and other industries to emulate what has been done in the UK in ways appropriate to their own particular circumstances.

Following on from a degree in Mathematics and Economics at Clare College Cambridge, and then a Mellon fellow scholarship to do an M.Phil in economics at Yale University, Clare started her career as a Civil Servant in H.M. Treasury, before becoming an entrepreneur, first in importing business, and then as the founder of a software house specializing in vertical market software for business. She is the author of two computer books, and editor of two others, all of which were translated into Spanish. She also has an honorary Doctorate from Brunel University, and was honored in the 1999 New Year's Honours with a CBE for services to the gas industry.