About the Awards

Energy Company of the Year

Nominations will NOT be accepted for this category. The judges will select the recipient for the Energy Company of the Year from the list of finalists in all other categories.

Continuing rapid convergence of all parts of the energy industry has created a new breed of players: companies that are fast-moving, adaptive, and concerned with the provision, production, logistics and trading of the energy complex as a whole.

In selecting the Energy Company of the Year, the Judges are looking for all-around excellence in executing a total energy strategy. The range and extent of a company's activities— its diversity, scope, technological innovation, and environmental concern—are pivotal factors, as are the traditional values of care for the consumer. Particular attention will be paid to each company's commitment to sustainability. The Energy Company of the Year is precisely that, standing above all finalists across the energy and chemical space.

Judges will focus exclusively on performance and achievements since January 2018.

Nominations will NOT be accepted for this award. Finalists in all other categories will be automatically considered.

Energy Transition Award

The Energy Transition award has been developed to recognize the leadership of power companies in the transition to a low-carbon, sustainable economy.

The commitments of governments, regions and cities across the globe to reduce carbon emissions are creating transformative times for industries, and few are facing more change than the global power sector. Power companies must meet growing demand – global power is set to grow by 58% between now and 2040 – while transforming business models to deliver on the clean energy promise.

The Energy Transition Award recognizes companies at the forefront. Those that are leading the way in reporting and reducing carbon impacts; those that are publishing robust targets to manage performance, those that are aligning with global energy transition commitments – and those that are demonstrating true leadership in innovative ways.

No nominations will be accepted for this award. Trucost, part of S&P Global will assess the public disclosure of global power companies included in the S&P Global LargeMidCap Index and captured by the annual research engagement program of Trucost. As such the winner will be identified by Trucost from an objective set of data. The S&P Global Platts judges panel will not evaluate the winner of this award.