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Platts Scenario Planning Service

The Platts Analytics Scenario Planning Service (SPS) defines and tracks the critical assumptions behind our worldwide oil, gas and overall energy projections with a focus on our medium- and longer-term outlooks. With Platts Analytics SPS you will be able to identify alternative outcomes to market events in a way that makes them useful for testing business strategies.


  • Identify market opportunities with the help of in-depth data and analysis that help you understand emerging trends and key events affecting your business.
  • Test your business strategies against alternative outcomes.
  • Get access to S&P Global Platts analysts to further understanding around key drivers of long term energy trajectories - including technologies and policies that are driving the energy transition.


  1. Annual Guidebook - Comprehensive study that defines the assumptions behind Platts oil, gas and overall energy Reference Cases, along with long-term alternative scenarios for global crude, regional crude and product markets, and regional natural gas markets.
  2. Quarterly Tracking Reports - Defining of shorter-term scenarios surrounding S&P Global Platts near-term crude oil and natural gas outlooks plus updated long-term price outlook for WTI, Brent and Dubai crudes, North American and European and Asian natural gas (HH, TTF and JKM), and CAPP and ARA coal prices. Monitoring of key "signposts” of changes to the forecast.
  3. Current News and Analysis Bulletins - Sent on an "as-events-dictate" basis, insightful assessments of specific events with the potential to alter trends.
  4. Alternative Transport/Electric Vehicle Analytics – Analysis and data around alternative transport, including vehicle fleets, fuel demand and emissions implications. Monthly-updates include EV Essentials historical data compilations, Quarterly and biannual scorecards that cover trends, policies, drivers and forecasts of electric vehicle penetration and impacts on fuel demand.
  5. Technology Analytics, including regular Power Storage Outlooks , which offer insights into this key technology for facilitating high levels of penetration of renewables in the power sector.
  6. Federal Regulatory Calendar , Fracking Policy Monitor - Quarterly reports that examines the latest U.S. energy policy developments.
  7. Annual Roundtables – access to our annual roundtables which provide an opportunity to discuss scenarios directly with the S&P Global Platts team, define additional scenarios of interest and attend special in-depth presentations.