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Platts North American Natural Gas System Map

The last five years of gas pipeline development have been among the most active in U.S. gas market history because of the growth of U.S. shale gas production, particularly in the Appalachian Basin in the U.S. Northeast region. This expansion continues with many projects built to move Marcellus and Utica shale gas deeper into the premium gas markets along the East Coast and into other regions, including the Southeast where gas is now exported in liquefied form to international markets. Growing demand in Mexico has also prompted a number of large expansions south across the border.

North American Natural Gas System Map

The North American Natural Gas System wall map reflects these developments as it continues to set the industry standard for visualizing the supply, generation, distribution and transportation of natural gas across North America. This benchmark map will help you stay current on an evolving industry with the latest proposed pipeline products, proposed generation projects, storage, LNG and more. See where these new projects connect with the thousands of miles of existing pipelines, power plants, compressor stations, pricing hubs and other infrastructure.

Based on decades of experience and research, this unique product is used around the world as the go-to tool for visualizing the components of the natural gas system. With its fresh new design and industry depth, it serves both as an invaluable resource for anyone involved or interested in the natural gas industry.


  • Plan and strategize around a complete view of the North American natural gas system
  • Monitor your competitors' market penetration
  • Explore new generation & transmission projects
  • View existing infrastructure with an unparalleled degree of accuracy
  • Access vital data quickly and easily


  • Existing and planned natural gas fueled power plants (including those under construction) are displayed. Plants are symbolized by prime mover, status, and capacity and labeled with plant name
  • Natural gas pipelines (both existing and proposed) sized by diameter and labeled with pipeline name.
  • LDC (local distribution company) service territories
  • Natural gas import and export points
  • Natural gas supply basins
  • LNG (Liquid Natural Gas) terminals symbolized by operational status (on-stream or under-construction/planned)
  • Gas hubs (pricing points)
  • Natural gas storage facilities colored by operational status (existing, planned or existing w/planned additions)
  • Inset maps showing natural gas shale plays and gas storage fields in the US
  • Detailed inset maps of 11 different urban areas and the Gulf of Mexico
  • Detailed inset map of Mexico
  • State & province borders, state capitals and major cities

Product options

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This map is available in the following sizes:

  • Scale: 1:3,800,000 (1 inch = 60 miles)
    Dimensions: 40” x 65”

Select the version that best meets your needs:

Wall Map

Printed on heavyweight, glossy, photo-quality paper to enhance the richness of the colors, this version is suitable for framing or display. Dimensions: 40 x 65 inches.

Laminated Wall Map

Printed on a durable paper and then laminated, this version can be marked up for analysis and brainstorming purposes and also looks great framed. Dimensions: 40 x 65 inches.

Digital Edition

The Digital Edition of the North American Natural Gas System wall map presents the same content as the wall map in a portable format. View maps on any Windows PC whether at your cubicle, in an office, or on the road. Wall space is not required.

This download features the wall map broken into 37 printable, hyperlinked, legal-sized (8.5 x 14 inch) PDF pages. A PDF of the full-sized wall map is also included to enable copying of specific areas to paste into presentations. The maps' tabular information (abbreviations) is also included.


  • Share maps with your colleagues and extract images of detailed areas for presentations or to email
  • Print detailed areas of interest and take to meetings
  • Easily navigate between adjacent map page - maps are hyperlinked
  • View from any Windows PC while on the road

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