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Platts US Methanol Assessments

  • What is US Methanol price assessment?
  • How we assess US Methanol price
  • Platts US Methanol Daily Commentary
  • Platts US Methanol Daily Rationale

What is US Methanol price assessment?

Platts assesses methanol daily on an FOB US Gulf Coast (Houston – Texas City area) basis for the current month and next forward month. The assessments roll to the next forward month five calendar days prior to the end of the month.

The assessments reflect product with maximum water content of 0.1% by weight.

Additionally, S&P Global Platts publishes a weekly net contract assessment that reflects typical discounts, based on market feedback.

How we assess US Methanol price

Platts assessments are based on market information, including, but not limited to, firm bids and offers, and trades reported to the editor up to the close of business (1.30 pm Houston time).

All the information used to inform the assessment is published transparently on S&P Global Platts platforms as "heards". An assessment rationale is published explaining what the assessments are and how they have been reached.

A daily market commentary accompanies the price assessments and rationale, which highlights the most important trends that have affected the markets that day and provides insight into what the market expects over the coming weeks.

Platts US Methanol Daily Commentary

  • Backwardated market structure persists
  • Regional supply remains constrained

US spot methanol prices held to more than four-month highs Aug. 7, in line with indications heard in the market and boosted by continued constrained supply.

Spot prices could begin to edge lower, however, if the M5000 methanol production facility comes back online next week, as was heard talked in the market.

Front-month (August) spot methanol was assessed unchanged at 73 cents/gal FOB USG, with a market indication heard at that level and with no new trades reported on the day. Second-month (September) spot methanol was also assessed unchanged on the day at 72 cents/gal FOB USG based on indications of value heard in the market and maintaining a discount of 1 cent/gal to the front-month value. Despite the lack of movement in price, spot methanol remained assessed at a more than four-month high, having been assessed at 74 cents/gal March 24 prior to the market seeing any major demand destruction from the coronavirus pandemic.

A temporary outage heard in the market at a methanol production facility in Venezuela could serve to tighten supply further. Although US sanctions prevent Venezuelan barrels from being imported into the country, methanol supply produced in the Latin American country has been heard to flow to Europe, which then exports barrels produced elsewhere to the US to fill in any supply gaps.

Platts US Methanol Daily Rationale

S&P Global Platts assessed front-month August US spot methanol unchanged at 73 cents/gal FOB USG on Aug. 7, based on indications heard in the market and with no new trades reported.

Second-month, September, spot methanol was also assessed unchanged at 72 cents/gal FOB USG, based on indications reported in the market, and maintaining a 1 cent/gal discount to the front-month value.

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