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Spain's Soto Solar submits plans for 1GW PV plants

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Spain's Soto Solar submits plans for 1GW PV plants

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Project will have 80 MW storage, H2 options

Spanish grid moratorium to expire in July

Barcelona — Spanish renewable group Soto Solar has submitted plans for potentially Europe's largest solar PV plant - a 1 GW array in Castile La Mancha, the company said Apr. 22.

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The plans for the Erasmo project -- including 80 MW of storage capacity on site and potential for hydrogen production -- was presented to the Ecological Transition Ministry on Apr. 21, the company said, along with a request to include it in the 2021-2026 Electric Transmission Plan.

The scheme has already secured the land for the development in one of the areas with the highest annual solar radiation in the EU, near Ciudad Real. Output could reach 2 TWh per year, Soto Solar estimates.

The project has been put forward for the allocation of EU recovery funds for the energy transition, the company added.

Soto Solar has already signed an agreement with gas grid operator Enagas to potentially develop an on-site hydrogen plant, it said.

Spanish renewable additions slowed to zero in the first quarter of this year, with wind capacity standing at 27.4 GW ad solar PV capacity at 11.7 GW, according to grid operator Red Electric de Espana.

However, an effective moratorium on grid connection permits is due to expire in July as the process has been centralized and automated to manage the overwhelming number of capacity requests.