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Energía eléctrica

Canadian developer signs two solar-plus-battery PPAs with Hawaiian utilities

Energía eléctrica

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El gas y la energía nuclear impulsan la generación de Iberdrola en España en el segundo trimestre

Canadian developer signs two solar-plus-battery PPAs with Hawaiian utilities

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Two Hawaiian projects to be operational in 2022

Texas' largest solar plus battery online January 3

Houston — Canada's Innergex Renewable Energy has signed power purchase agreements with two utilities in Hawaii to supply fixed-price power from solar facilities with combined capacity of 45 MW that will be built with 180 MWh of combined battery storage, the company said Friday.

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The PPAs come on the heels of Luminant's Thursday announcement that it has brought online its 42-MWh battery system at its 180-MW solar facility in West Texas.

Innergex, based in Longueuil, Quebec, said it signed a 25-year PPA with Hawaii Electric Light for power from the proposed 30-MW Hale Kuawehi solar project expected to be located on the island of Hawaii. The facility is expected to have a 120-MWh battery storage system.

The 15-MW Paehu solar project to be built on the island of Maui that will supply Maui Electric will include a 60-MWh battery storage system.

Innergex said that both projects have a proposed commercial operation date of 2022.

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"The technological advancements in battery storage are changing the way utilities service their customers and we intend to become a solid partner with them in managing their power needs," said Michel Letellier, president and CEO of Innergex.

The company said in a statement that the two PPAs are for dispatchable energy, "allowing the respective utilities to dispatch the facilities as they deem appropriate to maintain grid stability and maximize renewable energy use."

Innegex said the Hale Kuawehi facility could generate an average of 92,000 MWh/year. It said the Paehu facility on Maui could generate an average of 45,000 MWh/year.

Innergex, which has operations in Canada, the US, France, Chile, and Iceland, said it manages a net 2,091-MW generation portfolio that comprises 37 hydroelectric facilities, 25 wind farms, four solar farms and two geothermal facilities.


In Texas Thursday, Dallas-based Luminant, Vistra Energy's generation arm, said its 10-MW/42-MWh battery storage system at its the 180-MW Upton County Solar 2 facility near Fort Stockton in West Texas, had come online.

The Upton 2 facility is the largest utility-scale solar facility in the state, and its battery storage system is also the state's largest. When the facility was originally brought online in June 2018, Vistra described it as a project that would "enable its Texas retail brand, TXU Energy, to enhance its retail solar offerings," and help diversify Luminant's generation fleet.

Vistra retained Houston-based FlexGen Power Systems to install the battery storage system at Upton 2. Vistra has told analysts the Upton 2 facility generates nearly 20 MW more than it can export under its interconnection arrangement, with the AC-coupled battery allowing Luminant to capture some of that energy.

A rival to Upton 2 for the claim of largest battery system in Texas is Duke Energy and its 36-MW battery system installed in 2012 at its 153-MW Notrees Wind farm in West Texas.

Duke's lead-acid battery system participated in ERCOT's Fast Response Regulation Services market but had no capacity to store energy that could be released over a prolonged period of time.

In 2016, Duke Energy, Samsung SDI and Younicos revamped the system by installing lithium-ion batteries that increased the duration of discharge.

Duke Energy commissioned in December 2017 an upgraded 36-MW battery energy storage system at its Notrees Wind farm that can discharge for a duration of 40 minutes, thus giving it a 24-MWh energy rating. The 10-MW Upton 2 battery system can discharge for a duration of 4.2 hours, giving it a 42-MWh energy rating.

-- Jeffrey Ryser,

-- Edited by Valarie Jackson,