Platts Machine-to-Machine Delivery

Our daily lives are increasingly incorporating instant access to data, empowering us to make better decisions, quicker. The commodity markets are no different. To keep up with today's increasingly digitized commodities markets, S&P Global Platts now offers instantaneous access to our comprehensive coverage across prices, forward curves, and fundamental data via API, Streaming, or Bulk channels.

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Platts machine-to-machine delivery will help you develop an instant understanding of what is truly driving price changes. With a comprehensive single source of data that can be integrated into your own, you can surface surprising new connections, eliminate blind spots and make more informed and timely decisions.

Key Features

Platts Developer Portal

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✔ API, Streaming or Bulk delivery of Platts data

✔ Instantaneous access to Platts data as it is released

✔ Integrate Platts data directly into your models and systems

✔ Access both fundamental market data and prices