Platts Solventswire

Platts Solventswire is a weekly market report specifically designed to help those involved in trading, buying or selling across the global producer to consumer solvent markets. The report provides you with online and mobile access to the latest worldwide solvent prices, news, and closing market price assessments.


  • — Develop a strong pricing and business strategy
  • — Understand the key drivers of feedstock and derivative prices to help you trade, write contracts and negotiate transactions with confidence
  • — Negotiate the best value and protect your margins by understanding solvent market price trends
  • — Identifying diverse trading patterns, pricing trends and key market characteristics so you can seize time-critical opportunities for long-term benefit
  • — Understand prices for both domestic and export solvent products
  • — Stay connected to the latest price changes and market news from your desktop, tablet or smartphone


          • • Industry news from across the global solvents markets
          • • Sophisticated charting tools
          • • Exclusive analysis of key market and pricing trends
          • • Personalized alerts
          • • The latest insight from S&P Global Platts editorial team
          • • Weekly PDF market report, online and mobile access
          • • Weekly summary of market events and developments along with more that 50 closing market assessments and weekly prices for:
          • • Hydrocarbon Solvents – Hexane, Solvent MX, Solvent Naphtha (C9), Solvent Toluene, Solvent Xylenes, White Spirit, Hexane (Special Grade)
          • • Chlor-alkali – Caustic Soda, Chlorine
          • • Oxygenated Solvents – IPA, Phenol, Acetone T1, Acetone T2, MEK, Methanol, E Acetate, B Acetate, Industrial Ethanol