Platts European Electricity Analytics Service

Gain insight into every aspect of the European electricity market including developments in capacity, generation, demand, and cross-border flows. We provide granular and comprehensive coverage of coal, natural gas, oil and oil products, renewables, nuclear, and hydro.


  • Uncover the story behind the numbers driving electricity prices
  • Gain insights into markets with different capacity mix and delivered fuel costs
  • Understand current market developments that really matter
  • Keep current on trends in the European electricity markets with access to the interactive models and comprehensive datasets that underpin our analysis.


  • Data and analysis covering supply/demand balances, cross-border flows and the outlook for prices across Western Europe going forward 1-24 months.
  • Key 18-month proprietary price forecasts and 10-day forecasts for 20 countries with hourly granularity
  • Updates on the UK electricity markets covering the key sectors of power generation including coal, nuclear, wind, solar, hydro, biomass, and CCGT
  • updates on demand, supply, policy and prices related to the European emissions markets
  • Special Features that contain in-depth insights into particular aspects of the European electricity markets
  • Up-to-date hourly data on wind and solar generation in the main European markets for the next ten days.

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