Platts proposes to discontinue UK NBP assessments at Singapore close

S&P Global Platts is proposing to discontinue publishing its daily price assessments for month-ahead and second month ahead UK NBP (National Balancing Point) natural gas at 4:30 pm Singapore close (0830 GMT), effective Feb. 28, 2022.

The proposed discontinuation follows Platts observation of a fall in NBP-related activity during Asia afternoon trade. Platts is also proposing to discontinue publishing the GBP-US dollar and GBP-Yuan foreign exchange assessments at the 4:30 pm Singapore close from Feb. 28, 2022.

The GBP-US dollar foreign exchange assessment is currently used to convert the NBP assessments to $/MMBtu equivalents.

Separately, Platts has proposed to launch physical Dutch TTF gas assessments at the close of Singapore trade in a subscriber note published Nov. 18, 2021 (

The affected assessments appear in LNG Daily, Asia-Pacific/Arab Gulf Marketscan, Asia Petrochemicalscan, Platts LNG Alert pages 150, 160, 888, 889, 1160, Platts Natural Gas Alert pages 1020, 1021, 1028, 1044, 2160, Platts Global Alert page 2160, Platts Crude Oil Alert page 2160, Platts Refined Products Alert page 2160, Platts Nonferrous Metals Alert page 1112, Platts Petrochemical Alert page 107, Platts Steel & Raw Materials Alert page 1112, and under the price database codes below:

Assessments Codes

NBP 1-Mo Spore 16:30 Hrs p/th AAPSH00

NBP 2-Mo Spore 16:30 Hrs p/th AAPSI00

LNG Japan/Korea vs UK NBP Spore 16:30 AAPSA00

NBP 1-Mo Spore 16:30 Hrs p/th MAvg AAPSH03

NBP 2-Mo Spore 16:30 Hrs p/th MAvg AAPSI03

NBP Singapore 16:30 $/MMBtu Mo01 AAPSF00

NBP Singapore 16:30 $/MMBtu Mo02 AAPSG00

LNG Japan/Korea vs UK NBP Spore 16:30 MAvg AAPSA03

NBP Singapore 16:30 $/MMBtu Mo01 MAvg AAPSF03

NBP Singapore 16:30 $/MMBtu Mo02 MAvg AAPSG03


GBP-Chinese Yuan AAWGC00

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