Platts clarifies use of market information in T2 Ethanol derivatives assessments

S&P Global Platts would like to clarify that it is committed to publishing interest to bid, offer and trade related to the European T2 Ethanol futures market.

Platts uses a variety of information when publishing its T2 Ethanol derivate assessments. However, Platts prioritizes actionable market indications, such as firm bids and offers and verifiable trades, over other types of information, including indications seen on the commodities exchanges or provided via brokers' reports.

Actionable market information on T2 Ethanol Futures is particularly relevant to Platts' six daily T2 Ethanol Futures calendar month assessments. This information can also be used to inform the physical T2 Ethanol assessment, as set out in this subscriber note.

Platts currently publishes manual ethanol derivatives bids and offers, received from market participants, such as M1 T2 Ethanol Futures thereby enabling the information to be fully tested by the market at large.

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