Platts proposes change to US aluminum price assessment time stamps

S&P Global Platts seeks market feedback regarding a proposed change to its US aluminum price assessment time stamps.

In an effort to better align with the timing of end-day market practices, Platts proposes moving the Platts aluminum assessments time stamp from 16:30:00 ET to 16:00:00 ET.

The following aluminum assessments would be impacted by the proposed time change:

US Transaction (all-in) MMAAF10 5052 New Bare Scrap ABSDB04

US Alum Trans Prem Daily MMAKE00 MW A380 Alloy MMAAD00

US Aluminum Net-Cash Prem Daily MMACN00 MW 319 MMAAC00

US P1020 Import Duty MMOEU00 MW 356 MMAAB00

MW Trans Prem (implied duty-unpaid) MMOFU00 MW F132 MMAAA00

MW Trans Price (implied duty-unpaid) MMOGU00 MW US A413 MMWUS00

US P1020 Duty Freight Factor AFLSB00 MW US B390 FAALB00

CIF New Orleans premium MMNDU00 Old Cast AAFBJ00

CIF NOLA-MW premium diff MMNOL00 Old Sheet AAFBL00

Midwest US P1020 Market MMAAE00 Mill-grade MLCCs AAFBP00

Weekly assessments US Six-Months P1020 Prem MMANJ04 Smelter-grade MLCCs AAFBT00

US Spot 6063 Billet Upcharge MMAKC00 US HG Auto Shreds AASSP00

UBCs AAFCD00 US LG Auto Shreds AASSO00

US Transaction-UBC Weekly Spread ALUMA04 Turnings AAFCA00

Painted Siding AASNW02 MWT-A380 spread ALUMB00

6063 New Bare Scrap AAFCE00 MWT-MLCCs spread ALUMC00

6022 New Bare Scrap AAXVM04

Platts will continue to publish bids, offers and interest to trade from approved participants in the US aluminum market on close (MOC), in line with the previously published editorial standards and guidelines:

For more information and participation in the MOC process, please visit: For any questions on the review process, please contact

The aluminum assessments are published in Platts Metals Daily, on pages 0412, 0413 and 0300 on Platts Metals Alert and Platts Non Ferrous Metals Alert, in the Platts Market Center, and in the Platts price database under the codes listed above.

Please submit any feedback, comments or questions about this proposal by January 31, 2022 to and

For written comments, please provide a clear indication if comments are not intended for publication by S&P Global Platts for public viewing. Platts will consider all comments received and will make comments not markets as confidential available upon request.