Platts to launch 12.5% protein CIF Marmara wheat assessment

In line with the continued development of a liquid market for delivered 12.5% protein wheat in Turkey, Platts is launching a 12.5% protein CIF Marmara wheat coasters assessment, to sit alongside its existing Black Sea coasters assessments suite, effective Oct. 18, 2021.

Platts receives regular price indications on the 12.5% protein CIF Marmara market, which is part of a larger Black Sea wheat coasters market currently represented by Platts assessments of 12.5% FOB Azov (WRASS00) and 13.5% CIF Marmara wheat (WDPMT00). These values are linked by the Azov-Marmara freight rate and the CIF Marmara protein spread.

A 12.5% protein CIF Marmara wheat assessment will provide greater transparency in this group of interrelated markets, and will expand Platts coverage to include what is now the most liquid of the three markets.

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