Platts launches Jet Fuel Carbon offset premium

S&P Global Platts has launched a carbon offset premium for Jet Fuel DefStan 91-91, effective Sept. 1.

This assessment is calculated using a carbon intensity value of 89 gCO2e/MJ for jet fuel multiplied by the daily Platts CEC voluntary carbon credit price (PCECA00).

The energy landscape is set to change dramatically over the coming years as companies move to curb greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuel use. Aviation has been a notoriously difficult sector to decarbonize, and managing emissions from aviation will be a key piece of the pathway to net-zero.

The International Civil Aviation Organization's Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Organization (CORSIA) consists of a combination of different strategies to manage aviation emissions, including the use of voluntary carbon credits and the transition to sustainable fuels. Platts feels that a carbon offset premium will provide additional transparency for the jet fuel market when comparing various emissions management options.

Platts is publishing the offset premium in both $/b and Eur/b, using its CORSIA-eligible voluntary carbon credit assessment to calculate the cost of offsetting emissions from jet fuel.

The carbon intensity figure of 89 gCO2e/MJ used in the calculation has been sourced from the ICAO.

These new assessments will be available in European Marketscan, US Marketscan and Asia-Pacific Marketscan, on Platts Fixed Pages PGA 1414, 0483 and 1413, as well as in Platts Dimensions Pro and in the Platts Pricing database under the following codes:

Assessment Name


MAvg Code

Jet Fuel Carbon Offset Premium $/bbl



Jet Fuel Carbon Offset Premium Eur/bbl



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