Platts clarifies delivery locations for CFR West Africa polymer grades

S&P Global Platts wishes to clarify that its CFR West Africa polymer spot price assessments reflect delivery into Lagos, Nigeria.

Platts CFR West Africa polymer assessments take into consideration deals, bids, offers and price indications for all of Nigeria, the Ivory Coast, Ghana, Togo and Benin, normalized to Lagos.

The assessments are published on a weekly basis in Polymerscan and on Platts Petrochemical Alert Pages PC0239, PCA0280, PCA0264, PCA0268 and PCA0272, on Platts Market Center, the petrochemical service on the Platts platform and in Platts Market Data.

Platts CFR West Africa polymer assessments are:

Description Symbol Delivery Period Currency/Unit

PP Homopolymer ABAAL04 15-45 days forward $/mt

PP Raffia ABAAN04 15-45 days forward $/mt

PP Copolymer ABAAM04 15-45 days forward $/mt

LDPE ABAAG04 15-45 days forward $/mt

LLDPE ABAAH04 15-45 days forward $/mt

HDPE Injection ABAAJ04 15-45 days forward $/mt

HDPE Blowmolding ABAAI04 15-45 days forward $/mt

HDPE Film ABAAK04 15-45 days forward $/mt

For a full description, please refer to the European petrochemicals specification guide:

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