Platts changes publication day of European, Asia bulk alloys assessments

S&P Global Platts has changed the publication day of its weekly European and Asian bulk ferroalloys assessments to Wednesday from the current Thursday and Tuesday, effective June 2, 2021, in order to align the publication of all of its bulk ferroalloys assessments globally.

The affected assessments are as follows:

For Europe

Charge Chrome 52% DDP NWE (MMAIP00)

Ferrochrome Low-Carbon 0.10% DDP NWE (MMAIL00)

Ferrochrome 65% 6-8% High-Carbon DDP NWE (MMAIQ00)

Silicomanganese 65:16 DDP NWE (AAITQ00)

Ferrosilicon 75% Std DDP NWE (AAIUR00)

For Asia

Silicomanganese 65% CIF Japan (MMAJG00)

Ferrosilicon 75% CIF Japan (MMAJP00)

Ferrosilicon 75% FOB China (MMAKB00)

The assessments are published in Platts Metals Daily and Metals Daily London/LME Close, on the fixed pages PMA9065, PMA404, PMA389 and MTL9065, MTL404 and MTL389 of the Platts real-time alerts and in the Platts database under the above-mentioned codes.

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