Coral Energy Pte Ltd to join EMEA - Med and Urals Crude - Physical MOCs

Coral Energy Pte Ltd has advised S&P Global Platts that it would like to participate in the Platts Market on Close assessment process for EMEA - Med Crude and Urals Crude - Physical.

Platts has reviewed Coral Energy Pte Ltd and will consider information from Coral Energy Pte Ltd in the EMEA - Med Crude - Physical and EMEA - Urals Crude - Physical MOC subject at all times in adherence with Platts editorial standards.

Platts will publish all relevant information from Coral Energy Pte Ltd accordingly.

Platts welcomes all relevant feedback regarding MOC participation. Platts considers bids, offers and transactions by all credible and credit-worthy parties in its assessment processes. For comments and feedback, please contact Platts editors at and