Platts discontinues Chicago Unleaded 87, 89 assessments

S&P Global Platts has discontinued its Chicago Unleaded 87 and Unleaded 89 gasoline assessments, effective June 1, 2021.

Platts understands there is limited spot market liquidity for regular and mid-grade unleaded gasoline, as the finished grades are no longer used in the Chicago gasoline market, which has switched primarily to CBOB or RBOB blends over the years as part of the US federal Renewable Fuel Standard program.

The discontinued assessments are:


Gasoline Unleaded 87 Chicago Pipe PGACR00

Chicago Unleaded 87 Differential to NYMEX RBOB AANYX98

Gasoline Unleaded 87 Chicago Pipe RVP PGACRRV

Gasoline Unleaded 89 Chicago Pipe PGAAX00

Chicago Unleaded 89 Differential to NYMEX RBOB AANYX99

Gasoline Unleaded 89 Chicago Pipe RVP PGAAXRV

These assessments were previously published on Platts Global Alert pages 160 and 320; in Platts US Marketscan and Platts Oilgram Price Report; and in the Platts price database under the codes above.

Platts first proposed discontinuing these assessments in a subscriber note published Jan. 29:

Platts will continue to assess CBOB, RBOB, PBOB and Premium 91 in the Chicago pipeline market, as well as CBOB and RBOB in the Chicago BCX market and CBOB on the Wolverine pipeline.

Platts would also like to clarify that its Chicago Premium 91 gasoline assessment (PPASQ00) reflects Premium CBOB (also known as P91) with octane of minimum 91, lead of maximum 0.01 g/gallon, and gravity of 62 API.

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