Platts changes assessed period of its LNG DES Brazil Netforward marker

S&P Global Platts has changed the assessed period of the LNG DES Brazil Netforward marker effective June 1, 2021.

Platts first proposed the change in a subscriber note published March 23, 2021:

This change follows from a decision to change the loading period for the Gulf Coast Marker, which is used in the derivation of the DES Brazil Netforward.

Details of the changes to the Gulf Coast Marker can be found here:

The DES Brazil Netforward previously reflected cargo deliveries either in the third & fourth or fourth & fifth half-month cycles forward from the date of publication.

The netforward is now assessed using the GCM assessment plus a freight period of 13 days using the assessed freight rate from the US Gulf Coast to Brazil (daily price database code LAUVH00).

Therefore, the DES Brazil Netforward now represents cargoes being delivered to Brazil 13 days after the GCM loading period, or 43-73 days ahead of the date of publication.

Assessments that have been affected appear in LNG Daily, Platts LNG Alert pages 2820, 2821, Platts Natural Gas Alert pages 1052, 1053 and under the Platts price database codes below:

Assessments Code Monthly average

DES Brazil Netforward Mo01 LEBMH01 LEBMH31

DES Brazil Netforward vs ARA Fuel Oil LAARM01 LAAR003

DES Brazil Netforward vs DES MED LNG LASWM01 LASW003

DES Brazil Netforward vs Dated Brent LADBM01 LADB003

DES Brazil Netforward vs Henry Hub LAHHM01 LAHH003

DES Brazil Netforward vs JKM LAJKM01 LAJK003

DES Brazil Netforward vs NBP LABPM01 LABP003

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