Platts renames HCC 64 Mid Vol assessments to Low Vol HCC

S&P Global Platts has renamed the HCC 64 Mid Vol (also known as Hard Coking Coal) assessments to Low Vol HCC starting April 1, 2021.

The renaming of HCC 64 Mid Vol assessments aims to better align the names of the assessments with the underlying specifications defined in Platts methodology.

On June 1, 2018 specifications of HCC 64 Mid Vol (also known as Hard Coking Coal) FOB Australia (HCCAU00), CFR China (HCCCH00) and CFR India (HCCIN00) assessments were adjusted to: 62% coke strength after reaction, 21.5% volatile matter, 10.5% total moisture, 8% ash, 0.45% sulfur, 0.06% phosphorus, 100 ddpm max fluidity, 52% vitrinite. The subscriber note can be viewed at

The renaming of this assessment series will not affect the assessment methodology itself, or the qualities of coals whose pricing information is considered in those assessments.

Some of these assessments are globally referenced benchmarks for generic (non-premium) hard coking coals. This prolonged notice period is to provide sufficient time for market participants who are using these assessments to make any necessary adjustments in their contracts.

The change will affect the following assessments and all their averages:

Previous description
Realigned description
HCC 64 Mid Vol FOB Australia
Low Vol HCC FOB Australia
HCC 64 Mid Vol CFR China
Low Vol HCC CFR China
HCC 64 Mid Vol CFR India
Low Vol HCC CFR India
HCC 64 Mid Vol Ex-Stock Jingtang
Low Vol HCC Ex-Stock Jingtang
HCC 64 Mid Vol CFR Jingtang Equivalent

Low Vol HCC CFR Jingtang Equivalent


The renamed assessments are published in SBB Steel Markets Daily, Coal Trader International, on the real-time Platts Metals Alert and Platts Steel, Raw Materials Alert on fixed pages 1064, 205, and 1062 and in the Platts price database under the symbol mentioned above.

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