Platts launches Euro conversion for its CEC assessment

Platts has launched a Euro price conversion for its CEC voluntary carbon credit assessment from April 1, 2021.

Platts will convert its current daily CEC spot assessment from $/mtCO2e to Eur/mtCO2e.

This conversion will be available in European Marketscan, US Marketscan, and Asia Pacific and Arab Gulf Marketscan, on fixed pages PGA 1414 and PGA 0483 and in the Platts pricing database under code PCECE00.

Platts launched CEC on Jan. 4, 2021 in a note available here:

A daily commentary is available on fixed page PGA 0496.

Please send all comments, feedback and questions to and

For written comments, please provide a clear indication if they are not intended for publication by Platts for public viewing. Platts will consider all comments received and will make those not marked as confidential available upon request. To see this note and others, please go to