Platts clarifies US coking coal FOB US East Coast volumes

S&P Global Platts clarifies its US coking coal FOB US East Coast spot price assessments' cargo size and clip size.

Platts considers 30,000 mt-70,000 mt sold as typical traded volume, reflecting a Panamax, with clips from 10,000 mt and higher included.

Market information with other traded quantities and loaded vessel sizes will be normalized to the stated standard.

Platts first began assessing US coking coal FOB US East Coast assessments in August 2012.

The affected assessments (Code: AAWWR00, AAWWT00, AAWWS00, Monthly average: AAWWR03, AAWWT03, AAWWS03) are published on Platts Metals Alert publications page 1049, Steel Markets Daily publication, Coal Trader International publication, and Coal Trader publication.

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