Platts to publish IFAD Murban crude Singapore marker price

S&P Global Platts will begin publishing daily Singapore marker prices for the Murban crude 1st line futures contract as reported by ICE Futures Abu Dhabi, starting April 1, 2021.

Alongside the daily Murban Singapore marker price, Platts will also publish its spread to same-month Platts Dubai futures, a widely used benchmark to price and evaluate crude oil grades traded in the Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Far East Russia markets.

For example on April 1, Platts will publish the Murban marker price for the June contract and its spread against June Dubai futures, as assessed at the 4:30 pm Singapore close (0830 GMT).

The Intercontinental Exchange announced Feb. 24 that, subject to regulatory approval, it will launch the Abu Dhabi-based exchange on March 29, on which the Murban futures contract and related cash-settled derivatives and inter-commodity spreads will trade. As a result, the Murban contract will move to physical delivery two months ahead, making June the first contract month at launch with expiry at the end of April.

The IFAD Murban futures marker price and its spread to Dubai futures will be published under the following codes on Platts Global Alert page 703, Platts Crude Oil Marketwire, Oilgram Price Report and Platts US Marketscan:

Code description
Murban IFAD FOB Fujairah
Murban IFAD FOB Fujairah Mavg
Murban IFAD FOB Fujairah vs Dubai Futures
Murban IFAD FOB Fujairah vs Dubai Futures MAvg

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