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Platts to launch new suite of daily, month-ahead hydrogen assessments

Building on the world's first-to-market hydrogen assessments launched in December 2019, S&P Global Platts will expand on its North American and European assessments and launch its first hydrogen assessments in Asia.

Platts recognizes hydrogen will play an increasing role in decarbonizing energy markets from generation to transportation. With the goal of bringing price transparency to hydrogen markets, Platts will broaden its coverage of North American markets to include nine regional hydrogen hubs around the US and Canada. Platts also will expand its coverage of European hydrogen production to include three new production pathways from the Netherlands, and will launch new modeled hydrogen assessments for Japan.

Platts also will be broadening its current coverage of hydrogen to the following publications: LNG Daily, Coal Trader International, Polymerscan, Europe and Americas Petrochemicalscan, and the following Service Lines: GCA, PCA and LNG.

For each of the different locations, Platts will publish prices for Steam Methane Reforming production methods, including in some regions for Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS), along with prices for Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) Electrolysis, and Alkaline Electrolysis production pathways. The calculated prices will reflect both the commodity production cost and the capital expenditure associated with building a hydrogen facility.

Daily feedstock prices for each different production pathway, along with fixed capital costs, will add up to create a levelized production cost over the lifetime of the plant.

From April 1, 2020, Platts will publish the following prices:

US HYDROGEN ASSESSMENTS, April 1 Excluding CapEx Including CapEx Production Pathway $/kg $/kg

Alberta (Can$) SMR w/o CCS IGCCC00 IGCCA00

Alkaline Electrolysis IGZCU00 IGZCS00

PEM Electrolysis IGZBC00 IGZBA00

Appalachia SMR w/o CCS IGCCG00 IGCCE00

Alkaline Electrolysis IGZCY00 IGZCW00

PEM Electrolysis IGZBG00 IGZBE00

Gulf Coast SMR w/o CCS IGCCN00 IGCCL00

Alkaline Electrolysis IGZDC00 IGZDA00

PEM Electrolysis IGZBK00 IGZBI00

Midcontinent SMR w/o CCS IGCCK00 IGCCI00

Alkaline Electrolysis IGZDG00 IGZDE00

PEM Electrolysis IGZBS00 IGZBQ00

Northeast SMR w/o CCS IGCCS00 IGCCQ00

Alkaline Electrolysis IGZDK00 IGZDI00

PEM Electrolysis IGZBW00 IGZBU00

Northern California SMR w/o CCS IGZBN00 IGZBL00

Alkaline Electrolysis IGZDO00 IGZDM00

PEM Electrolysis IGYBN00 IGYBL00

Northwest SMR w/o CCS IGCCW00 IGCCU00

Alkaline Electrolysis IGZDS00 IGZDQ00

PEM Electrolysis IGZCA00 IGZBY00

Rockies SMR w/o CCS IGCDA00 IGCCY00

Alkaline Electrolysis IGZDW00 IGZDU00

PEM Electrolysis IGZCE00 IGZCC00

Southeast SMR w/o CCS IGCDE00 IGCDC00

Alkaline Electrolysis IGZEA00 IGZDY00

PEM Electrolysis IGZCI00 IGZCG00

Southern California SMR w/o CCS IGCDI00 IGCDG00

Alkaline Electrolysis IGZEG00 IGZEC00

PEM Electrolysis IGZCM00 IGZCK00

Upper Midwest SMR w/o CCS IGCDM00 IGCDK00

Alkaline Electrolysis IGZEK00 IGZEI00

PEM Electrolysis IGZCQ00 IGZCO00

Note: US Hydrogen Assessments are for previous day.

NETHERLANDS HYDROGEN ASSESSMENTS, April 1 Production Pathway Eur/kg Eur/MWh



SMR w/o CCS (inc. Carbon) HYNMA00 HCNMA00

SMR w/o CCS (inc. CAPEX & Carbon) HZNMA00 HDNMA00



SMR w CCS (inc. Carbon) HGNMA00 HKNMA00

SMR w CCS (inc. CAPEX & Carbon) HHNMA00 HLNMA00

PEM Electrolysis HMNMA00 HNNMA00

PEM Electrolysis (inc. CAPEX) HQNMA00 HRNM00

Alkaline Electrolysis HONMA00 HPNMA00

Alkaline Electrolysis (inc. CAPEX) HSNMA00 HTNMA00

JAPAN HYDROGEN ASSESSMENTS, April 1 Excluding CapEx Including CapEx Production Pathway Yen/kg Yen/kg


Alkaline Electrolysis IGYFH00 IGYFJ00

PEM Electrolysis IGYFL00 IGYFN00

Daily US hydrogen assessments are currently published in the following locations: Gas Daily, Megawatt Daily and Energy Trader; market data categories: GD and ES Daily.

Netherlands hydrogen assessments are currently published in: European Gas Daily, European Power Daily; market data category: EG.

As of April 1, global hydrogen assessments will be published in these additional locations: LNG Daily, Coal Trader International, Polymerscan, Europe and Americas Petrochemicalscan; fixed pages: GCA, PCA and LNG.

Please send any feedback, comments, or questions to or

For written comments, please provide a clear indication if comments are not intended for publication by Platts for public viewing. Platts will consider all comments received and will make comments not marked as confidential available upon request.