Platts to migrate Carbon Pricing Content to Energy Transition Service line Jan 17, 2022

S&P Global Platts will begin publishing its Carbon Pricing assessments, commentaries, rationales and news on the new Energy Transition Alert (ETA) service line from Jan. 17, 2022.

From Feb. 14, Platts Carbon Pricing content will also be published via a new Carbon Markets Alert (CMA) service line. This affects all symbols listed under the CBN and CBX market data categories. Platts Carbon content will no longer be published via the PGA, PCA, PCR, PRF, LNG, PGN or AGP Service lines from Feb. 21. Additionally, Platts will cease publishing its Platts CEC $/mtCO2e (PCECA00) and Platts CEC Eur/mtCO2e assessments in the following publications, also from Feb. 21:

  • Bunkerwire
  • Coal Trader
  • Coal Trader International
  • Energy Trader
  • Europe and Americas Petrochemicalscan
  • Polymerscan
  • European Gas Daily
  • Gas Daily
  • LNG Daily
  • Megawatt Daily
  • European Power Daily

Platts CEC $/mtCO2e (PCECA00) will continue to be published in Asia Pacific Arab Gulf Marketscan and US Marketscan, while both Platts CEC $/mtCO2e (PCECA00) and Platts CEC Eur/mtCO2e (PCECE00) will continue to be published in European Marketscan.

Carbon content currently available via Platts Dimensions Pro and Platts Live will remain unchanged.

Additionally, Platts Carbon Market Commentary and Carbon Market Rationale will be removed from Asia Pacific Arab Gulf Marketscan, US Marketscan and European Marketscan.

From Feb. 14, Platts will begin publishing a new Carbon Markets daily publication, which will include a selection of its Voluntary Carbon Assessments, the EU Allowance and UK Allowance Assessments, the Methane Performance Certificate Assessment, and associated commentaries, rationales and news coverage.

Please send all comments, feedback and questions to and

For written comments, please provide a clear indication if comments are not intended for publication by Platts for public viewing. Platts will consider all comments received and will make comments not marked as confidential available upon request.