Platts to amend assessment description for FOB Arab Gulf viscosity spread

S&P Global Platts will change the description for FOB Arab Gulf viscosity spread (PPXDM00) assessment with effect from Jan. 17 to ensure consistent terminology across Platts publications.

The description of the assessment will change to HSFO 380/180 spread ($/mt) from the current HSFO 180/380 spread ($/mt) in Platts price database under the symbol PPXDM00, Asia-Pacific/Arab Gulf Marketscan and fixed pages MH/RF2004 and MH/RF2005.

The change will not affect the assessment methodology for the viscosity spread. The assessment will continue to reflect the spread between Platts FOB AG 380 CST (AAIDC00) and FOB AG 180 CST (PUABE00) assessments (HSFO 380 CST minus HSFO 180 CST).

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