Market data category change for the CEC symbols

As announced before and effective Nov. 15, 2021, the following CORSIA-eligible carbon credit price symbols "Platts CEC" have been moved from Market Data category EB (Oil Products: European Bulk) to CBN (Carbon: Global Assessments).

MDC Symbol Bates Dec Freq Curr UOM Description

CBN PCECA00 c 3 DW USD MTC Platts CEC $/mtCO2e

CBN PCECA03 c 3 MA USD MTC Platts CEC $/mtCO2e MAvg

CBN PCECE00 c 3 DW EUR MTC Platts CEC Eur/mtCO2e

CBN PCECE03 c 3 MA EUR MTC Platts CEC Eur/mtCO2e MAvg

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