iFTP and IMS-FTP infrastructure upgrades

As part of S&P Global Platts' continued commitment to delivering to markets of the future, we are performing infrastructure updates on April 17, 2021. These are regular updates, and there should not be any disruption to service or any changes required from your end unless you are currently accessing our system via an IP address. If so, please contact support@platts.com for assistance.

What do you need to know about the infrastructure upgrade?

After the infrastructure upgrades, if you have both history (IMS-FTP) and Market Data (iFTP) subscriptions, then you will find both the Market Data folder for daily values and the Custom Data folder to access the historical information at sftp.platts.com using your credentials.

Should you have any problems or require further assistance, please contact us directly via support@platts.com or the following numbers:

APAC +65-6530-6430

Europe, Middle East & Africa +44(0)20-7176-6111

North America +1-800-752-8878