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Corrections for January 1, 2021

The following corrections were made on January 1, 2021
AAEUQ03c 01-Dec-20 48.59 48.593 OPEC Basket Price Monthly
B015022u 01-Dec-20 12 -58631 CFTC Nymex Crude Avg Price Opt B
B017022u 01-Dec-20 15 -80769 CFTC Nymex Crude Lt Swt BPR Opt
BGCWA04u 03-Jan-20 244.95 233.18 Bentek Natgas E Canada Working S
BGCWA04u 25-Dec-20 241.92 246.17 Bentek Natgas E Canada Working S
BGCWD04u 03-Jan-20 348.54 342.24 Bentek Natgas W Canada Working S
BGCWD04u 25-Dec-20 488.88 487.48 Bentek Natgas W Canada Working S
BGCWG04u 03-Jan-20 593.49 575.42 Bentek Natgas Canada Working Sto
BGCWG04u 25-Dec-20 730.8 733.66 Bentek Natgas Canada Working Sto
CAAAF04u 24-Dec-20 1015503.8111 966345.2739 CAPP Coal Production Fcst Wkly
CAACF04u 24-Dec-20 1094204.7237 1048946.3738 IL Coal Production Fcst Wkly
CAAEF04u 24-Dec-20 1310137.9654 1244820.6512 NAPP Coal Production Fcst Wkly
CAAHF04u 24-Dec-20 1973445.3184 1153634.4636 Other Coal Production Fcst Wkly
CAAJF04u 24-Dec-20 4345677.3147 4126728.1825 PRB Coal Production Fcst Wkly
CAAMF04u 24-Dec-20 368424.3328 317066.2677 Texas Coal Production Fcst Wkly
CAANF04u 24-Dec-20 10477798.355 9203933.0831 US Coal Production Fcst Wkly
CAAPF04u 24-Dec-20 370404.8889 346391.8704 Uinta Coal Production Fcst Wkly
DF454JRu 31-Dec-20 211.06 211.68 DTN Furnace Hay River NT Suncor
DF459JRu 31-Dec-20 225.29 225.95 DTN Furnace Terrace Bay ON Sunco
DM454JRu 31-Dec-20 200.09 200.68 DTN Unl Mid Hay River NT Suncor
DM459JRu 31-Dec-20 210.91 211.53 DTN Unl Mid Terrace Bay ON Sunco
DP454JRu 31-Dec-20 216.4 217.03 DTN Unl Prem Hay River NT Suncor
DP459JRu 31-Dec-20 227.22 227.89 DTN Unl Prem Terrace Bay ON Sunc
DR454JRu 31-Dec-20 183.79 184.33 DTN Unl Reg Hay River NT Suncor
DR459JRu 31-Dec-20 194.61 195.18 DTN Unl Reg Terrace Bay ON Sunco
DS459JRu 31-Dec-20 232.7 233.39 DTN Stove Terrace Bay ON Suncor
DU454JRu 31-Dec-20 211.06 211.68 DTN ULSD Hay River NT Suncor US
DU459JRu 31-Dec-20 225.29 225.95 DTN ULSD Terrace Bay ON Suncor U