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Corrections for July 8, 2020

The following corrections were made on July 8, 2020
AAEUQ00c 01-Jul-20 42.66 42.69 OPEC Basket Price Daily
AAEUQ00c 02-Jul-20 42.89 42.93 OPEC Basket Price Daily
AAEUQ00c 03-Jul-20 42.93 42.96 OPEC Basket Price Daily
AAEUQ00c 06-Jul-20 43.54 43.57 OPEC Basket Price Daily
AAEUQ01c 01-Jan-20 39.32 39.35 OPEC Basket Price Yearly
AAEUQ03c 01-Jul-20 43.01 43.06 OPEC Basket Price Monthly
AAEUQ04c 03-Jul-20 40.81 40.83 OPEC Basket Price Weekly
AAEUQ04c 10-Jul-20 43.54 43.36 OPEC Basket Price Weekly
AALBB00u 08-Jul-20 32.5 33 Eugene Is Sour Onshore LA Plains
CAISC20u 07-Jul-20 0 .09 California ISO System-Wide Solar
CAITC20u 07-Jul-20 0 .36 California ISO System-Wide Solar
DM158TKu 07-Jul-20 167.37 172.8 DTN Unl Mid Greenville MS Toledo
DM190TKu 07-Jul-20 151.64 156.5 DTN Unl Mid RFG Paulsboro NJ Tol
DM206TKu 07-Jul-20 155.21 160.5 DTN Unl Mid Rochester NY Toledo
DM238TKu 07-Jul-20 135.65 138.36 DTN Unl Mid Harrisburg PA Toledo
DM242TKu 07-Jul-20 144 148.49 DTN Unl Mid RFG Philadelphia PA
DM261TKu 07-Jul-20 128.94 133.49 DTN Unl Mid Knoxville TN Toledo
DP158TKu 07-Jul-20 189.67 194.69 DTN Unl Prem Greenville MS Toled
DP190TKu 07-Jul-20 162.43 167.04 DTN Unl Prem RFG Paulsboro NJ To
DP238TKu 07-Jul-20 146.93 148.99 DTN Unl Prem Harrisburg PA Toled
DP242TKu 07-Jul-20 152.99 157.55 DTN Unl Prem RFG Philadelphia PA
DP261TKu 07-Jul-20 140.61 145.63 DTN Unl Prem Knoxville TN Toledo
DR158TKu 07-Jul-20 141.23 145.71 DTN Unl Reg Greenville MS Toledo
DR190TKu 07-Jul-20 144.44 149.47 DTN Unl Reg RFG Paulsboro NJ Tol
DR206TKu 07-Jul-20 141.05 146.97 DTN Unl Reg Rochester NY Toledo
DR213TKu 07-Jul-20 135.46 137.91 DTN Unl Reg Columbus OH Toledo R
DR238TKu 07-Jul-20 128.14 131.28 DTN Unl Reg Harrisburg PA Toledo
DR242TKu 07-Jul-20 138.01 141.86 DTN Unl Reg RFG Philadelphia PA
DR261TKu 07-Jul-20 121.17 125.4 DTN Unl Reg Knoxville TN Toledo
DR299TKu 07-Jul-20 132.71 138.07 DTN Unl Reg RFG Fairfax VA Toled
DU158TKu 07-Jul-20 135.18 135.59 DTN ULSD Greenville MS Toledo RC
DU206TKu 07-Jul-20 146.96 147.12 DTN ULSD Rochester NY Toledo RC
DU238TKu 07-Jul-20 143.47 143.37 DTN ULSD Harrisburg PA Toledo RC
DU261TKu 07-Jul-20 123.99 124.15 DTN ULSD Knoxville TN Toledo RC
NMNG000w 08-Jul-20 341759 341816 NYMEX Natural Gas Contract Total
PSADF09u 08-Jul-20 37 37.5 W TX Int (WTI) TX Plains
PSAED09u 08-Jul-20 35.4 35.9 W TX Sour (WTS) TX Plains
PSAMO09u 08-Jul-20 35.5 36 Lt LA Swt (LLS) Onshore LA Plain
PSANV09u 08-Jul-20 37 37.5 Central OK Swt OK Plains
PSAPL09u 08-Jul-20 27.35 27.85 KS Com KS Plains
PSAQZ09u 08-Jul-20 34.1 34.6 WY Swt Oth Areas WY Plains
PSUS082u 08-Jul-20 27.5 28 SE CO CO Plains
PSUS086u 08-Jul-20 37 37.5 Dom Swt Cushing OK Plains
PSUS092u 08-Jul-20 34.25 34.75 E TX Area TX Plains
PSUS094u 08-Jul-20 32.25 32.75 E TX Cond TX Plains
PSUS095u 08-Jul-20 34.25 34.75 E TX Field TX Plains
PSUS097u 08-Jul-20 34.25 34.75 E TX Lt Sour TX Plains
PSUS098u 08-Jul-20 33.25 33.75 E TX Sour TX Plains
PSUS105u 08-Jul-20 30.75 31.25 Giddings Upper GC TX Plains
PSUS108u 08-Jul-20 33.5 34 IL Swt IL Plains
PSUS109u 08-Jul-20 33.5 34 IN Swt IN Plains
PSUS114u 08-Jul-20 28.5 29 NW KS Swt KS Plains
PSUS118u 08-Jul-20 30.6 31.1 Central KS Swt KS Plains
PSUS119u 08-Jul-20 27.25 27.75 E KS Com KS Plains
PSUS122u 08-Jul-20 29 29.5 SW KS KS Plains
PSUS126u 08-Jul-20 36.75 37.25 Central LA LCT LA Plains
PSUS127u 08-Jul-20 36.5 37 Central LA Swt LA Plains
PSUS128u 08-Jul-20 32.5 33 N LA Cond LA Plains
PSUS129u 08-Jul-20 37.5 38 N LA LCT CT Plains
PSUS130u 08-Jul-20 33 33.5 N LA S AR Sour LA Plains
PSUS131u 08-Jul-20 36 36.25 N LA Swt LA Plains
PSUS135u 08-Jul-20 37 37.5 Eagle Ford Lt TX Plains
PSUS137u 08-Jul-20 37 37.5 S TX Swt TX Plains
PSUS142u 08-Jul-20 30.5 31 MS Lt Sour MS Plains
PSUS143u 08-Jul-20 35.5 36 MS Lt Swt MS Plains
PSUS159u 08-Jul-20 27 27.5 NE Int NE Plains
PSUS161u 08-Jul-20 28.3 28.8 W NE Swt NE Plains
PSUS165u 08-Jul-20 35.4 35.9 NM Sour NM Plains
PSUS168u 08-Jul-20 37 37.5 NM Int NM Plains
PSUS169u 08-Jul-20 34.5 35 N TX Cooke Sour TX Plains
PSUS173u 08-Jul-20 37 37.5 N TX Swt TX Plains
PSUS178u 08-Jul-20 35.52 36 OK Cond OK Plains
PSUS179u 08-Jul-20 34.78 35.25 OK Cont Lt OK Plains
PSUS181u 08-Jul-20 32 32.5 OK Panhandle OK Plains
PSUS186u 08-Jul-20 24.5 25 OK Sour OK Plains
PSUS191u 08-Jul-20 37 37.5 OK Swt OK Plains
PSUS195u 08-Jul-20 33 33.5 OK Swt Spec OK Plains
PSUS202u 08-Jul-20 32.5 33 W OK Swt OK Plains
PSUS207u 08-Jul-20 30.5 31 S TX Hvy TX Plains
PSUS212u 08-Jul-20 30.75 31.25 S TX Lt Swt TX Plains
PSUS217u 08-Jul-20 24.25 24.75 S TX Sour TX Plains
PSUS225u 08-Jul-20 36.5 37 TX Panhandle TX Plains
PSUS230u 08-Jul-20 30.75 31.25 TX Upper GC TX Plains
PSUS235u 08-Jul-20 37 37.5 W Ctl TX Int TX Plains
PSUS247u 08-Jul-20 36.5 37 W TX Int (WTI) Area 1 TX Plains
PSUS268u 08-Jul-20 33.58 34.08 SW WY WY Plains