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Corrections for January 3, 2020

The following corrections were made on January 3, 2020
AAEUQ01c 01-Jan-19 63.92 64.04 OPEC Basket Price Yearly
AAEUQ03c 01-Dec-19 65.578 66.48 OPEC Basket Price Monthly
AAEUQ04c 20-Dec-19 67.6 67.68 OPEC Basket Price Weekly
AAGXD00c 02-Jan-20 2.07 1.87 Statfjord FOB Rotterdam vs North
AAGXD00h 02-Jan-20 2.08 1.88 Statfjord FOB Rotterdam vs North
AAGXD00l 02-Jan-20 2.06 1.86 Statfjord FOB Rotterdam vs North
AAHXB00c 02-Jan-20 3.61 3 Ekofisk CIF Rotterdam vs Fwd Dat
AAHXC00c 02-Jan-20 2.01 1.605 Forties CIF Rotterdam vs Fwd Dat
AAHXD00c 02-Jan-20 4.015 3.545 Oseberg CIF Rotterdam vs Fwd Dat
AASAS00c 02-Jan-20 69.01 68.81 Statfjord CIF Rotterdam
AASAS00h 02-Jan-20 69.02 68.82 Statfjord CIF Rotterdam
AASAS00l 02-Jan-20 69 68.8 Statfjord CIF Rotterdam
AASAT00c 02-Jan-20 3.15 2.95 Statfjord CIF Rotterdam vs North
AASAT00h 02-Jan-20 3.16 2.96 Statfjord CIF Rotterdam vs North
AASAT00l 02-Jan-20 3.14 2.94 Statfjord CIF Rotterdam vs North
AASAU00c 02-Jan-20 70.01 69.81 Gullfaks CIF Rotterdam
AASAU00h 02-Jan-20 70.02 69.82 Gullfaks CIF Rotterdam
AASAU00l 02-Jan-20 70 69.8 Gullfaks CIF Rotterdam
AASAV00c 02-Jan-20 4.15 3.95 Gullfaks CIF Rotterdam vs North
AASAV00h 02-Jan-20 4.16 3.96 Gullfaks CIF Rotterdam vs North
AASAV00l 02-Jan-20 4.14 3.94 Gullfaks CIF Rotterdam vs North
AAVJC00c 02-Jan-20 3.51 3.025 BNB CIF Rotterdam vs Fwd Dated B
AAVJF00c 02-Jan-20 2.01 1.605 Dated Brent CIF Rotterdam vs Fwd
AAVJG00c 02-Jan-20 -.405 67.44 Dated North Sea Light CIF Rotter
AAWEZ00c 02-Jan-20 66.46 66.26 DUC FOB North Sea
AAWEZ00h 02-Jan-20 66.47 66.27 DUC FOB North Sea
AAWEZ00l 02-Jan-20 66.45 66.25 DUC FOB North Sea
AAWFL00c 02-Jan-20 .6 .4 DUC FOB North Sea vs North Sea D
AAWFL00h 02-Jan-20 .61 .41 DUC FOB North Sea vs North Sea D
AAWFL00l 02-Jan-20 .59 .39 DUC FOB North Sea vs North Sea D
AAXJM00c 02-Jan-20 -.42 62.32 Troll CIF Rotterdam Eur/Bbl
AAXJN00c 02-Jan-20 4.34 3.87 Troll CIF Rotterdam vs Fwd Dated
AAXJO00c 02-Jan-20 -.47 69.705 Troll CIF Rotterdam $/Bbl
AAXTI00c 02-Jan-20 65.68 65.63 Amenam Market Parity Price
AAXTJ00c 02-Jan-20 67.985 67.935 EA Blend Market Parity Price
AAXTK00c 02-Jan-20 66.925 66.875 Yoho Market Parity Price
AAXTL00c 02-Jan-20 66.91 66.86 Abo Market Parity Price
AAXTV00c 02-Jan-20 66.09 66.04 Asaramatoru Market Parity Price
AAXTW00c 02-Jan-20 65.645 65.595 TEN Market Parity Price
ALVHA00c 02-Jan-20 71.56 71.36 Alvheim CIF Rotterdam
ALVHB00c 02-Jan-20 5.7 5.5 Alvheim CIF Rotterdam vs North S
ASGCA00c 02-Jan-20 65.31 65.21 Asgard CIF Rotterdam
ASGCB00c 02-Jan-20 -.55 -.65 Asgard CIF Rotterdam vs North Se
BGCWA04u 04-Jan-19 206.73 216.32 Bentek Natgas E Canada Working S
BGCWD04u 04-Jan-19 387.19 418.15 Bentek Natgas W Canada Working S
BGCWG04u 04-Jan-19 593.92 634.47 Bentek Natgas Canada Working Sto
CAAAF04u 02-Jan-20 1502474.6572 1307408.1031 CAPP Coal Production Fcst Wkly
CAACF04u 02-Jan-20 1912041.4501 1665298.5424 IL Coal Production Fcst Wkly
CAAEF04u 02-Jan-20 1877035.3247 1629918.6151 NAPP Coal Production Fcst Wkly
CAAHF04u 02-Jan-20 1326019.0239 1103118.9042 Other Coal Production Fcst Wkly
CAAJF04u 02-Jan-20 5324396.7406 4600573.0374 PRB Coal Production Fcst Wkly
CAAMF04u 02-Jan-20 392195.3252 337923.1855 Texas Coal Production Fcst Wkly
CAANF04u 02-Jan-20 12805064.259 11052487.475 US Coal Production Fcst Wkly
CAAPF04u 02-Jan-20 470901.7373 408247.0878 Uinta Coal Production Fcst Wkly
DF355HQu 03-Jan-20 86.2 86 DTN Furnace Quebec QC Shell CAN
DM355HQu 03-Jan-20 78.45 78.15 DTN Unl Mid Quebec QC Shell CAN
DP355HQu 03-Jan-20 84.7 84.4 DTN Unl Prem Quebec QC Shell CAN
DR355HQu 03-Jan-20 70.7 70.4 DTN Unl Reg Quebec QC Shell CAN
DS355HQu 03-Jan-20 90.2 90 DTN Stove Quebec QC Shell CAN Un
DU138FWu 02-Jan-20 210.81 211.14 DTN ULSD Duluth MN Cenex Br
DU355HQu 03-Jan-20 86.7 86.5 DTN ULSD Quebec QC Shell CAN Unb
GAPWY22c 03-Jan-20 18.375 6.017 Spanish PVB $/MMbtu Calendar Yea
NMNG000w 03-Jan-20 290345 300299 NYMEX Natural Gas Contract Total
PCAEE00c 02-Jan-20 67.93 67.73 Statfjord FOB North Sea
PCAEE00h 02-Jan-20 67.94 67.74 Statfjord FOB North Sea
PCAEE00l 02-Jan-20 67.92 67.72 Statfjord FOB North Sea
PCAKM00c 02-Jan-20 -.405 67.44 Dated Brent CIF Rotterdam $/Bbl
PCAKN00c 02-Jan-20 -.362 60.295 Dated Brent CIF Rotterdam Eur/Bb
PCAKP00c 02-Jan-20 -.485 68.86 BNB CIF Rotterdam $/Bbl
PCAKQ00c 02-Jan-20 -.434 61.565 BNB CIF Rotterdam Eur/Bbl
PCAKR00c 02-Jan-20 -.405 67.44 Forties CIF Rotterdam $/Bbl
PCAKS00c 02-Jan-20 -.362 60.295 Forties CIF Rotterdam Eur/Bbl
PCAKT00c 02-Jan-20 -.47 69.38 Oseberg CIF Rotterdam $/Bbl
PCAKU00c 02-Jan-20 -.42 62.03 Oseberg CIF Rotterdam Eur/Bbl
PCAKV00c 02-Jan-20 -.61 68.835 Ekofisk CIF Rotterdam $/Bbl
PCAKW00c 02-Jan-20 -.545 61.542 Ekofisk CIF Rotterdam Eur/Bbl
PFAOA00u 02-Jan-20 171.75 172.25 Dirty Caribbean-USAC 150kt Wsc
PFAOB00u 02-Jan-20 172.25 171.75 Dirty Caribbean-USGC 150kt Wsc
TDAAW00u 02-Jan-20 18.27 18.33 Dirty Caribbean-USAC 150kt $/mt
TDAAZ00u 02-Jan-20 17.41 17.36 Dirty Caribbean-USGC 150kt $/mt