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Corrections for November 22, 2018

The following corrections were made on November 22, 2018
AAEUQ01c 01-Jan-18 71.13 71.09 OPEC Basket Price Yearly
AAEUQ03c 01-Nov-18 68.47 68.06 OPEC Basket Price Monthly
AAEUQ04c 23-Nov-18 64.74 63.94 OPEC Basket Price Weekly
DSWM001u 21-Nov-18 62.16 62.11 Dubai Mo01 Swap Intraday Indicat
DSWM002u 21-Nov-18 62.05 62 Dubai Mo02 Swap Intraday Indicat
DSWM003u 21-Nov-18 62.08 62.03 Dubai Mo03 Swap Intraday Indicat
F1BM001u 21-Nov-18 2.87 2.96 FO 180 CST Mo01 Brent Crack Swap
F1BM002u 21-Nov-18 1.02 1.2 FO 180 CST Mo02 Brent Crack Swap
F1BM003u 21-Nov-18 -.4 -.21 FO 180 CST Mo03 Brent Crack Swap
F1DM001u 21-Nov-18 4.3 4.39 FO 180 CST Mo01 Dubai Crack Swap
F1DM002u 21-Nov-18 2.79 2.96 FO 180 CST Mo02 Dubai Crack Swap
F1DM003u 21-Nov-18 1.5 1.67 FO 180 CST Mo03 Dubai Crack Swap
F3BM001u 21-Nov-18 2.16 2.21 FO 380 CST Mo01 Brent Crack Swap
F3BM002u 21-Nov-18 .12 .26 FO 380 CST Mo02 Brent Crack Swap
F3BM003u 21-Nov-18 -1.46 -1.26 FO 380 CST Mo03 Brent Crack Swap
F3DM001u 21-Nov-18 3.59 3.64 FO 380 CST Mo01 Dubai Crack Swap
F3DM002u 21-Nov-18 1.89 2.02 FO 380 CST Mo02 Dubai Crack Swap
F3DM003u 21-Nov-18 .44 .62 FO 380 CST Mo03 Dubai Crack Swap
FO1M001u 21-Nov-18 422 422.25 FO 180 CST Mo01 Swap Intraday In
FO1M002u 21-Nov-18 411.75 412.5 FO 180 CST Mo02 Swap Intraday In
FO1M003u 21-Nov-18 403.75 404.5 FO 180 CST Mo03 Swap Intraday In
FO3M002u 21-Nov-18 406 406.5 FO 380 CST Mo02 Swap Intraday In
FO3M003u 21-Nov-18 397 397.85 FO 380 CST Mo03 Swap Intraday In
GBRM001u 21-Nov-18 15.84 16.53 Gasoil Mo01 Brent Crack Swap Int
GBRM002u 21-Nov-18 15.78 16.49 Gasoil Mo02 Brent Crack Swap Int
GBRM003u 21-Nov-18 15.69 16.4 Gasoil Mo03 Brent Crack Swap Int
GDUM001u 21-Nov-18 17.27 17.96 Gasoil Mo01 Dubai Crack Swap Int
GDUM002u 21-Nov-18 17.55 18.25 Gasoil Mo02 Dubai Crack Swap Int
GDUM003u 21-Nov-18 17.59 18.28 Gasoil Mo03 Dubai Crack Swap Int
GSWM001u 21-Nov-18 79.43 80.07 Gasoil Mo01 Swap Intraday Indica
GSWM002u 21-Nov-18 79.6 80.25 Gasoil Mo02 Swap Intraday Indica
GSWM003u 21-Nov-18 79.67 80.31 Gasoil Mo03 Swap Intraday Indica
GWTM001u 21-Nov-18 54.02 53.88 Globex WTI Mo01 Futures Intraday
GWTM002u 21-Nov-18 54.22 54.08 Globex WTI Mo02 Futures Intraday
GWTM003u 21-Nov-18 54.35 54.2 Globex WTI Mo03 Futures Intraday
IBRM001u 21-Nov-18 62.8 62.74 ICE Brent Mo01 Futures Intraday
IBRM002u 21-Nov-18 63.3 63.24 ICE Brent Mo02 Futures Intraday
IBRM003u 21-Nov-18 63.59 63.54 ICE Brent Mo03 Futures Intraday
JBRM001u 21-Nov-18 17.14 17.83 Jet Kero Mo01 Brent Crack Swap I
JBRM002u 21-Nov-18 17.02 17.72 Jet Kero Mo02 Brent Crack Swap I
JBRM003u 21-Nov-18 16.81 17.5 Jet Kero Mo03 Brent Crack Swap I
JDUM001u 21-Nov-18 18.57 19.26 Jet Kero Mo01 Dubai Crack Swap I
JDUM002u 21-Nov-18 18.79 19.48 Jet Kero Mo02 Dubai Crack Swap I
JDUM003u 21-Nov-18 18.71 19.38 Jet Kero Mo03 Dubai Crack Swap I
JKSM001u 21-Nov-18 80.73 81.37 Jet Kero Mo01 Swap Intraday Indi
JKSM002u 21-Nov-18 80.84 81.48 Jet Kero Mo02 Swap Intraday Indi
JKSM003u 21-Nov-18 80.79 81.41 Jet Kero Mo03 Swap Intraday Indi
NBRM001u 21-Nov-18 -8.64 -8.69 Naphtha Mo01 Brent Crack Swap In
NBRM002u 21-Nov-18 -8.62 -8.66 Naphtha Mo02 Brent Crack Swap In
NBRM003u 21-Nov-18 -8.83 -8.86 Naphtha Mo03 Brent Crack Swap In
NDUM001u 21-Nov-18 -7.21 -7.26 Naphtha Mo01 Dubai Crack Swap In
NDUM002u 21-Nov-18 -6.85 -6.9 Naphtha Mo02 Dubai Crack Swap In
NDUM003u 21-Nov-18 -6.93 -6.98 Naphtha Mo03 Dubai Crack Swap In
NSWM001u 21-Nov-18 54.95 54.85 Naphtha Mo01 Swap Intraday Indic
NSWM002u 21-Nov-18 55.2 55.1 Naphtha Mo02 Swap Intraday Indic
NSWM003u 21-Nov-18 55.15 55.05 Naphtha Mo03 Swap Intraday Indic