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Guy Raz asks S&P Global Platts about the Future of Energy

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Jet fuel values buck falling passenger trend

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Insight from Moscow: Russia aiming to take major role in global hydrogen markets

Watch: Guy Raz asks S&P Global Platts about the Future of Energy

Guy Raz's programs are heard by nearly 19 million listeners each month. In this six part video series Guy interviews S&P Global Platts experts to better understand and demystify Energy Transition.

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Episode 1: Guy Raz asks Roman Kramarchuk & Alan Hayes about Energy Transition. How has our energy system evolved over time, and what signposts mark the way to a decarbonized future?

Episode 2: Guy Raz asks Roman Kramarchuk about the 2 degree Celsius scenario. What policies would be required, and how far could the private sector get us along this trajectory?

Episode 3: Guy Raz asks Jonty Rushforth & Paula Vanlaningham about carbon offsets. What level of trust should we place in the Voluntary Carbon Markets to deliver economic and effective climate limiting projects?

Episode 4: Guy Raz asks Anne Robba & Alan Hayes about Hydrogen. What makes it so important to Energy Transition, and what will determine how quickly we're able to scale production to meet our energy needs?

Episode 5: Guy Raz asks Bruno Brunetti & Bill Freebairn about Electrification. What are the key challenges we face in moving to an electric future, and what solutions can nuclear provide?

Episode 6: Guy Raz asks Mark Callahan & Deb Ryan about the future of oil and gas production. These fuels will play a critical role in our energy mix for decades to come, so what role can we expect the industry to play in limiting overall emissions?