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Listen: Nickel pig iron-matte conversion could be a game changer for the battery industry

The recent plans announced by China's Tsingshan to convert nickel pig iron (unsuitable for batteries) into nickel matte (an intermediate for the production of battery-grade nickel sulfate) has shaken the market, causing nickel prices to pull the brakes on its bull run. The price uptrend was driven by the widespread belief that nickel demand for batteries would boom shortly, while supply of battery-grade material would not increase at the same pace. Tsingshan's plans, however, could completely change the supply-demand landscape for battery-grade nickel, but not without a significant environmental cost that automakers might have to assimilate.

In this Platts Future Energy podcast Henrique Ribeiro discusses these developments with independent nickel specialist Lyle Trytten, Platts clean energy senior analyst Michael Mccafferty, and Platts metals pricing director Scott Yarham.

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