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US LNG exports drive call for JKM-style pricing for LNG in Europe

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Asian Refining and Petrochemicals Summit

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Infographic: Energy risks rise in Russia standoff with US and EU over Ukraine

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Insight from Moscow: Russia aiming to take major role in global hydrogen markets

Listen: US LNG exports drive call for JKM-style pricing for LNG in Europe

The US sees Europe as a key market to take some of the huge volumes of LNG it will have to export so it can keep producing oil in the coming years. But sellers have struggled so far to find a pricing mechanism that works for them, their banks, and European buyers. Siobhan Hall, Dave Ernsberger and Francis Browne discuss indexing to US Henry Hub, Dutch TTF, Brent oil and other options, and why there are growing calls for a European LNG price based on LNG economics, similar to the JKM for Asia.