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Listen: Interview -- Blockchain geared to revolutionize shipping industry: BLOC CEO

Blockchain technology is geared to revolutionize the shipping industry and while the sector is inching, albeit at its own pace, towards identifying the benefits that the massive digitization revolution could bring, S&P Global Platts Himanshu Chopra, senior credit analyst, talks to Deanna MacDonald, CEO and Co-founder of BLOC (Blockchain Labs for Open Collaboration), one of the first of its kind use cases of Blockchain in shipping; and she explains the wider potential and complexities surrounding the technology.

Deanna MacDonald, co-founder and CEO of BLOC, Blockchain Labs for Open Collaboration

BLOC recently launched Maritime Blockchain Labs together with Lloyd's Register Foundation which is part rapid prototyping demonstrator labs, part venture studio and part governing partner for the development and deployment of blockchain and technologically enabled solutions in the maritime sector. A global political economist, she has over a decade of industry experience in developing, applying and scaling technology within trade, energy, health and agriculture sectors. Deanna is a keynote speaker, workshop facilitator, guest lecturer on blockchain and new forms of governance and business models needed to support the transition into a new paradigm.