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Major factors to influence Brazil's sugar and ethanol markets in 2019

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Listen: Major factors to influence Brazil's sugar and ethanol markets in 2019

Brazilian sugar and ethanol price specialists Nicolle Monteiro de Castro and Phillip Herring discuss the primary drivers of supply and demand that will affect Brazilian sugar and ethanol markets in 2019.

Topics include the sugar/ethanol mix of the 2018-19 Center-South crop, the price parity between gasoline and ethanol, growing ethanol demand in the Northeast, international energy and foreign exchange markets and the state of politics in Brazil.

S&P Global Platts event, February 12, Recife, Brazil: Fórum S&P Global Platts de Commodities em Recife

The following Platts assessments were discussed in this podcast:

Ethanol FOB Santos Brazil Cargo $/CBM
Anhydrous Ethanol NNE Brazil DAP Suape Wkly
Anhydrous ethanol ANP domestic ex-mill Ribeirao Inc taxes Real/CBM
Hydrous ethanol ANP domestic ex-mill Ribeirao inc taxes Real/CBM
Raw Sugar Equivalent Cts/Lb