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06 Dec 2021

Commodity Tracker: 4 charts to watch this week

Uncertainties on the potential impact of the omicron variant continues to grip markets this week. Our editors also keep an eye on oil prices after OPEC+ decided to stick to its planned production increase in January, the correlation between implied inflation and energy prices, and China's steel demand. 1


01 Dec 2021

Steel, aluminum demand to see boost on passage of long-awaited US infrastructure package

The long and winding road to reach a bipartisan deal on US infrastructure spending has finally come to an end, with the domestic steel and aluminum industries expected to see a boost to demand in the coming years as projects take shape. The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act , signed into law by President Joe Biden Nov. 15, marks the largest investment in US infrastructure since the Federal Highway Act of 1956. The bill allocates $1


30 Nov 2021

Fuel for Thought: OPEC+ to set tone for 2022 with response to US oil release, COVID-19 variant

OPEC+ is weighing its supply options after the US-led attempt to lower prices by releasing stocks has been complicated by major a sell-off after resurgent COVID-pandemic fears . How it responds will set the tone for oil markets in 2022. Holding back planned quota increases at its next meeting on Dec. 1-2 will make the producer group look mean and increasingly blamed for causing rampant global inflation that is now endangering the still fragile economic recovery


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