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Sep 2021
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Spot and term, Australian supply and Asian demand: Indelible links in the LNG market

When it comes to the trading of LNG cargoes, why do stakeholders see long-term and spot as two separate markets? To answer this question, one can examine the differences in the pricing basis between the two

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Jan 2020
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Nimble Singapore bunker market swiftly adjusts to IMO 2020

The Singapore bunker market recorded its highest monthly sales volume for the year in December 2019, and uptake of low sulfur bunker fuel finally brought some optimism back into the market as it falls in line with IMO 2020

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Sep 2018
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Japan-bound airlines face supply challenges even before IMO 2020

While some airlines have only recently discovered the International Maritime Organization, many had already experienced the most acute supply shortage of jet fuel in recent memory last winter when they flew to Japan

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