Sep 2021
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UK 'green gas' tariffs reliant on carbon credits as biomethane, certificates supply remains short

Gas suppliers have made renewable natural gas a central part of their pitch when offering end-users “green” tariffs, but there are still roadblocks to achieving truly “green” retail gas tariffs

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Mar 2020
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Russia’s hydrogen bet sets up contest with Australia for Japanese market

Russia is all set to gain a foothold in the global hydrogen sector in what looks like a bid to be a key supplier for Japan, which has ambitious targets for adoption of the fuel by 2050

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Jun 2019
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Exchange’s IT malfunction sends jitters through European spot power markets

One week ago, European spot power exchange EPEX Spot was hit with an issue any financial platform would want to avoid. Technical problems led to a series of server crashes, forcing the exchange to launch back-up auction procedures

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