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Mar 2018
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Rabat banks on renewables for European power exports

Morocco is taking a lead in the promotion of renewable energy in North Africa, aiming to develop wind and solar to meet both domestic electricity demand and export power to Europe. Interconnectors to Spain and Portugal are under consideration

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Jan 2018
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Zimbabwe's economic rebirth: A reintegration into global trade networks?

Zimbabwe's new President Emmerson Mnangagwa offers a break with the past at least in the economic sphere. In the political realm, it is much more uncertain whether Zimbabwe has simply swapped one autocrat for another, or whether Mnangagwa's presidency will...

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Nov 2017
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New pipeline to enable Uganda to export oil by 2020

The presidents of Tanzania and Uganda are due November 11 to lay the foundation stone for the construction of East Africa's first significant oil export pipeline. It has been a long time coming

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