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See what matters - ESG

Essential data intelligence goes beyond the balance sheet. With our comprehensive lens, deep expertise, and breadth of capabilities, we offer the insights you need to discover long-term, sustainable growth.

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Stay on top of environmental, social and governance (ESG) developments and consider the risks and opportunities across financial decision-making.

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We’re here to help you See What Matters

We deliver the essential ESG intelligence you need to get ahead of ESG risks, build resilience and find new opportunities in the transition to a low carbon, sustainable future.

Are you interested in factoring climate risks and opportunities in your strategy? Do you want to align your decision making with evolving market frameworks and regulatory incentives? Do you need to respond to increasing demands for transparency on your sustainability performance? Or would you simply like to discuss an ESG issue of concern? We’re here to help.

See what matters with essential data intelligence and expertise from a trusted partner.

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See what matters with essential ESG insight from S&P Global Market Intelligence.

Watch: Martina Cheung, President of S&P Global Market Intelligence, speak about creating long term value through climate and ESG data.

Watch: Lauren Smart, Global Head of ESG Commercial, shares her views on why ESG data and analysis can really help drive long-term sustainability.

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  • Make integrated decisions with conviction
  • Maximize your positive impact
  • Find the opportunities in a sustainable future
  • Climate risk and opportunity
  • Credit impact of climate change
  • ESG, credit ratings and research

I need essential ESG insight

As ESG market opportunities accelerate and ESG risks intensify, you need a trusted partner to help embed environmental, social and corporate governance considerations in your decisions. Our heritage of specialist expertise, superior customer service, and flexible data delivery options offers the ESG insights you need to make integrated business and financial decisions with conviction.

For every participant that attends an ESG-related event hosted by S&P Global Market Intelligence during the month of October 2020 and completes an event survey, and/or completes our SEE WHAT MATTERS QUIZ, we will be planting a tree through EcoMatcher.*

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Maximize your positive impact

A complex web of frameworks and regulatory incentives are emerging to drive the transition to an equitable, sustainable future while delivering economic growth. Our positive impact intelligence provides the clarity you need to accelerate your alignment with global sustainability goals and maximize the positive impact of your decisions.

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Find the opportunities in a sustainable future

The global pandemic put a spotlight on the value of environmental, social and corporate governance considerations in capital markets. Our ESG intelligence goes beyond the standard – drawing on more than two decades of engagement with thousands of companies to provide the meaningful data insights you need to pinpoint risks and discover new value creation opportunities in the transition to a sustainable future.

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Get deep insights on climate risk and opportunity

Climate change is increasingly visible and disruptive, yet for most corporations and financial institutions climate risk is a blind spot. Our climate intelligence provides deep data insights, uncovering the future physical impacts of climate change on global business operations, supply chains, and multi-asset investment portfolios; and revealing new market opportunities to get ahead in the low carbon transition.

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The link between climate change and credit risk

Since the Paris Agreement entered into force on November 4, 2016, 180+ parties 2 have committed to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy by enacting a variety of policies, such as the introduction or increase of a carbon tax. These transition efforts will likely require an unprecedented level of investment over the next decades. This may contribute to the onset of a new type of financial risk that could have negative effects on a company’s financial performance by eroding liquidity needed to service short- and long-term debt commitments.

Linking Climate Transition Risks and Credit Risks >

Get insights on the link between climate change and credit risk >


ESG, credit ratings and research

S&P Global Ratings has long considered ESG factors in its credit ratings, and ESG factors are captured in many areas of S&P Global Ratings methodology. 

Quickly gain valuable ESG credit risk insight with RatingsDirect®, the official desktop solution for S&P Global Ratings credit ratings and research. Learn the impact of ESG factors on credit ratings and view ESG Evaluations. This forward looking, qualitative, and data-driven assessment provides a view of an entity's ESG performance and preparedness for future risks and opportunities.

The Energy Transition And COVID-19: A Pivotal Moment For Climate Policies And Energy Companies

Watch the on-demand webinar “ESG, Credit Risk, and COVID-19 Impact”

Evolution of ESG factors in credit risk assessment

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To facilitate long term, sustainable growth, it is becoming imperative to analyze the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance of companies and examine how their activities influence the world in which we live.

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1 The Global Sustainable Investment Alliance's 2018 biennial report, released April 1, 2019
2 Paris Agreement - Status of Ratification”, United Nations Climate Change, 2019,
* Kindly note that there is a limit of one tree per person, and we will be donating up to 1,000 trees during the course of the month.