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TCFD Reporting

Our in-depth climate analytics and specialist support services
inform every step of your TCFD reporting journey, from quantifying
climate-related financial risks and opportunities to engaging
with company stakeholders to turn metrics into action.

What is the TCFD?

TCFD is the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures. It was formed by the Financial Stability Board, an international body that seeks to strengthen and protect global financial markets from systemic risks such as climate change. The TCFD recommendations provide guidance to all market participants on the disclosure of information on the financial implications of climate-related risks and opportunities so that they can be integrated into business and investment decisions.

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Globally, TCFD support is increasing, with multiple jurisdictions seeking to mandate TCFD reporting. But for many, implementation is challenging. Take our short quiz to assess your readiness, and see how you stack up to your peers below.

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How to manage increasingly complex and urgent climate-related risks and opportunities

The TCFD recommends the use of scenario analysis to assess climate-related risks and opportunities and asks companies to report on the extent to which adequate governance, strategy, risk management, and metrics and targets are in place to address climate issues.

  • Quantify your baseline carbon footprint
  • Apply scenario analysis
  • Identify opportunities
  • Set targets
  • Engage and report

Our approach to TCFD

Quantify your baseline carbon footprint

First, companies need to quantify carbon emissions across their value chains – including business operations, supply chains and downstream products in use. Financial institutions need to quantify carbon emissions linked to their capital allocation – it could be across companies in equity and debt portfolios or bank loan books, or investments in other asset classes such as infrastructure and real estate.

We help you to collect the business data you already have on carbon emissions and we provide carbon emissions data to accelerate the process and fill in data gaps.

Our approach to TCFD

Apply scenario analysis

Our Trucost climate datasets and analytics inform scenario analysis of the financial impact of climate-related risks across different time horizons.

  • Trucost physical climate risk data intelligence: pinpoint asset exposure to water stress, flooding, heatwave, cold wave, hurricane, wildfire and sea level rise under low, moderate and high climate change scenarios.
  • Trucost carbon pricing risk data intelligence: assess exposure to operating costs and margins from more than 130 regional carbon pricing policies and future pricing scenarios.
  • Trucost market risk data intelligence: assess carbon pricing risk exposure of customers and customer segments.
  • Trucost technology risk data intelligence: assess technology risk exposure from business activities considered to be candidate sectors for substantial carbon mitigation.
  • Trucost reputation risk data intelligence: assess a range of factors including emission profile, transition pathway alignment, climate disclosure and commitments.

Our approach to TCFD

Identify opportunities

We help you consider the opportunities that could arise from the transition to a low carbon economy, including how well your existing product portfolio and future development plans are positioned for the low carbon transition. 

To Our Trucost climate data intelligence can also help to develop a business case to increase capital expenditure on carbon management projects.

Our approach to TCFD

Set targets

We help you set robust and science-based targets to strengthen your commitment to managing climate-related issues and align your strategy with the goal of the Paris Agreement to keep global temperature increases to well below 2 degrees Celsius.

Understanding by how much and how quickly you need to reduce carbon emissions to align with the Paris Agreement can help to engage internal stakeholders and inform low-carbon innovation.

Our approach to TCFD

Engage and report

Our management interviews and climate scenario analysis workshops help you to engage business stakeholders and turn metrics into action, and our reporting services assist you in publishing the results of your TCFD analysis.

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S&P Global's TCFD Journey

Ewout Steenbergen

Ewout Steenbergen, Chief Financial Officer, S&P Global, introduces the 2023 TCFD Report

While global macroeconomic factors will certainly remain variable, S&P Global is well positioned to deliver both for our customers as well as our own sustainability commitments. The right data, insights, and resources are what companies will need to grow into the future.

S&P Global TCFD Report

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